top 10 adult ads networks

top 10 adult ads networks : Most ad networks don’t accept sites with any adult content. However, you should not get frustrated after your applications get denied because here I have come up with a list of Top 10 adult traffic ad networks as part of the TOP 10 AD NETWORKS SERIES

1. JuicyAds -A very popular network in adult content advertising with quality advertisers. It prides itself as the sexiest ad network.
Their average CPC rates for US traffic is more than 0.10 USD and Their CTR rates are very high.
They pay through paypal, check, wire transfer and paxum on a weekly basis on reaching the minimum 50 dollars.
Their traffic requirement is at 100000 monthly views and Your site must have a TLD.

2. Exoclick -A Spain based network that provides adult content advertising.
Their average CPM rates are over 2.00 and their CPC above 0.10 USD for US traffic though many people complain of very low CTR.
They pay through paypal, Payoneer, wire, check and paxum on a net 7 (weekly) basis on reaching the minimum 20 dollars.
Your site must have a TLD.

3. Adxpansion -A Canada based network in adult content advertising with quality advertisers.
Their average CPM rates about 2.00 and CPC 0.10 USD
They pay through paypal and check on a net 5 basis on reaching the minimum 50 dollars.
Their traffic requirement is a little bit high.

4. Adultadworld -An American based adult ad network.
Their average CPM rates are over 1.00 and their CPC above 0.05 USD. Their CTR is also high to the rate of 5%.
They pay through paypal and check on a net 30 (monthly) basis on reaching the minimum 50 dollars.
They have on minimum traffic requirement and easily accepts sites.

5. Ero Advertising -An top adult ad network Offering CPC & CPM commission types with average CPM rates are over 1.00 and their CPC above 0.10 USD. Their CTR is also moderate at around 3%.
They pay through paypal, wire and paxum on a net 7 (weekly) basis on reaching the minimum 20 euros.
They have a minimum traffic requirement of 100k pageviews per month.

6. Plugrush -An top adult ad network offering both CPC & CPM commission types and many ad formats.Their average CPM rates are over 2.00 and their CPC above 0.10 USD and their CTR is also high at around 5%.
They pay through paypal, wire, redpass and paxum on a net 7 (weekly) basis on reaching the minimum 50 dollars.
They have a minimum traffic requirement of 30k pageviews per month.

7. Adultsense -An top adult ad network offering only CPC commission types but several ad formats.Their average CPC rates are over 0.05 Coupled with upto 7% CTR, you can be sure to make a good amount from this one.
They pay through paypal and wire on a net 30 (monthly) basis on reaching the minimum 100 dollars.
They have a low minimum traffic requirement and approval is easy.

8. XXXWebTraffic -An top adult ad network with pop, intext, text and xml ad formats.Their average CPC rates are over 0.05.
They pay through paypal and check on a net 14 (biweekly) basis on reaching the minimum 100 dollars.
They have a low minimum traffic requirement and approval is easy.

Top 10 affiliate programs

Top 10 affiliate programs.

Did you know that nearly 95% of “Making Money Online Methods” revolve around affiliate marketing? Apart from donations, online money involves some form of buying and selling. Even online advertising through ad networks is basically a lil bit complicated form of affiliate marketing. The difference is that now it is the ad networks that are given the work of promoting the products to be sold. And since they need to reach the buyers, they assign different willing publishers sections of the work and then share commissions. These sections of works are availed through attractively crafted units called ads for the buyers to view and click incase they are interested, and the end thing – “TRADE!”. (hey, you got that).

So what do affiliate programs do? They remove any intermediaries, like ad networks, to ensure higher gain to the publisher and greater effectiveness to the product seller since the publisher / promoter is not limited to “Ad networks’ lousy looking ads” and they can also engage potential consumers better.

There are thousands of affiliate programs out there and most of them will just want you to stay behind your PC for hours daily trying to persuade product buyers but will not pay you well for your effort. But the list below (oh what a great list!) is of the top dogs, I mean the Top 10 affiliate programs from which you will harness the benefits of your persuasive power – your marketing ability.

1.Amazon Affiliate Program

No list that claims to detail the best affiliate programs would be complete without the mentioning of Amazon associates. The online store giant that stocks nearly everything (except cars of course) has a great affiliate program that allow you to promote any product from as little as a 10 MB Android game to a 100 inch TV screen.
Amazon associates commission rates range from 4% to 15% of the sale price. This is not the best rate available but bearing in mind that everybody is buying items through Amazon, there are plenty of opportunities. The sign up process is simple and there are no special requirements except owning a site or blog with some form of traffic (earlier I thought I could get a product promotion link and share it on Facebook only to realize that I was mistaken).
You can promote Amazon products through contextual links (the most effective method), widgets with specific products, automated ads etc. You can Even show movie previews and play mp3 clips, making it easy to sell movies and music.
After you make the sales and your commissions reach the 100 dollar threshold, you can get your money through Check. They dont pay via Paypal (there is a rivalry between Paypal and Amazon, you know)

2. Hostgator Affiliate Program

Trying to beat the cut-throat competition in web Hosting services, hostgator has introduced a program where you can earn Upto 120 USD for Every sign up within your affiliate link. This affiliate program seems a lil bit far from being real since you only need to send them 21 sign-ups in any month you will get $125×21 = $2,625.
And you know what? Jumping into the bandwagon is as easy as counting 1 to 3. You just sign up for a free affiliates account where the toughest job you will do is to create a strong password. You can then customize your referral link to an attractive banner of any size you want out of the over 10 sizes. The best part is that you can share your link anywhere from blogs to forums to social media (you can even erect a billboard with your customized link if you want. lol). But to tell you the truth, hostgator affiliates deserves to be in this “top affiliate programs” list.

3. GoDaddy Affiliate program.

The largest domain registrar in The world is now offering Upto 100% commissions on its affiliate program. For you to start, you need to create a simple account and create an ad in form of an Html code of your preferred size. The ad code can be inserted anywhere from a forum signature to a blog post. GoDaddy affiliates pays through check and Paypal.

4. iTunes Affiliate Program

Have you ever wished to promote Apple products? Actually there are plenty of products you can sell in the iTunes Affiliate program ranging from music, TV shows, movies, audiobooks to even applications in the App Store and earn a 5 percent commission on all qualifying revenue. Moreover, Itunes has many good banners and links and they also allow affiliates to choose specific products to promote.
Sign up involves creating an account with Performance Horizon Group (PHG) where you find a custom, Apple- branded, portal for signup and managing things- that covers a significant portion of the App Store market with a single registration. But for Europe and Latin America, you¡¯ll need to register with Tradedoubler. Remember that Affiliated links to the App Store have a 24 hour cookie window.

5. Shareasale Affiliate Program

This affiliate program makes it to our list due to its unique features that ensure higher conversion rates for your promotional links especially when you are using a blog to promote their products. The following two products of theirs are just amazing:
A feature that is available only on ShareASale affiliates is the opportunity for affiliates to “Make-A-Video”. It allows affiliates/product-promoters to convert previously recorded videos into creative media that will help them be able to use on their website as part of “high conversion” method.
The other Utility that ShareASale provides for their affiliates is the “Make-A-Page” feature, which helps affiliates easily search for and select products that they wish to promote on their website, after which an HTML link is provided, pre-coded with the affiliate’s personal link. The affiliate just needs to paste the link on their site and a page is created for promoting and selling products. how cool?

6. ClickBank Affiliate Program

This affiliate program that focusses on e-books and software products (digital products). ClickBank offers uncountable digital products for their affiliates to promote and rake in upto 75% commission! The best thing you will love at ClickBank affiliate program is the “HopAd Builder”. ClickBank provides You with the tools for you to create ads for the products you choose to promote. On clicking on your HopAd, a customer lands at a page where they are able to purchase the product And you receive a commission from any purchase through the click within 60 days. Payments are done bi-weekly

7. Commission Junction Affiliate Program

It can not miss in this list. it’s one of the big boys when It comes to products variety. On top of their good commission rates, they offer some unique services like a web-based email system that allows affiliates and advertisers to correspond/communicate with each other. CJ also alerts its affiliates when a link or advertisement has expired to enable their affiliates keep their websites upto date. An affiliate can also manage their advertisements and track their statistics and ad performance for each site individually (on its own).
Payment is made via check and direct deposit monthly on reaching the $50 threshold for direct deposit and $100 for check.

8. Linkshare Affiliate Program

Linkshare has made it to this list because of its long time experience in the game, though its commission rates are relatively low. They offer some good features too. BentoBox provides users with a wide variety in their applications choice, thus increasing traffic by keeping customers shopping longer. This is possible by the ability of publishers to create tracking links that will take customers to a product on an advertiser’s site with just the tap of a button. BentoBox also makes it easy to create coupons thus enabling affiliates to offer coupons from specific advertisers and promote more traffic to the advertisers sites rake in more and more commissions.

9. Plimus Affiliate Program

Plimus is not as experienced as the other programs in this list (just forgot… I must say “this wonderful list”). It’s commission rates are better compared to Linkshare and They offer many tutorials that can help you get the best out of them. Another great tool they have is their integrated Google Analytics tool that enable affiliates to track links lead traffic to the advertisers product pages.

10. ClixGalore Affiliate Program

This Australian CPA (Cost per Action) or PPA (Pay per Action) (affiliate program) Program has been in business for quite a long time and is known for its timely and good payment to its affiliates. It is not so far from being an ad network but its high Commission rates ensured It never missed a place in this our Top affiliates list. It pays in US dollars via Paypal, check and Wire. It deals with top brands and companies like Bluehost, Time Life, Trend Micro, Citibank, and Fox Sports Shop.

Which great Affiliate Program missed our list? These three are also big ones, MaxBounty,

top 10 cpm ad networks for large traffic

top 10 cpm ad networks for large traffic : Most large traffic sites have a just a small proportion of their visitors coming from search engines. Their readers are always the same same ones.

These readers are unlikely to click on the Ads that they see everyday hence CPM comes in handy on monetization since its basis is more on the Number of impressions than AD clicks.

You will find out that these top 10 CPM networks have CPM rates of upto 8.00USD. So if you meet their minimum requirement, you can earn a lot of $$$

The list below shows top 10 CPM ad networks for large traffic

1. BuySellAds
This is an ad auction Site where you set the price for direct advertising on your site. It provides banner ads and most sites that are in Alexa top 100000 are using it. A site like Phonearena charges Upto 8.00CPM!
The requirements to join BuySellAds are:
Good pagerank (PR 2 and above)
A Minimum traffic of 1000000 (1 million) monthly pageviews.
A Top Level Domain (.com, .net, .info, .in etc)
A good web design and good keyword targetting. etc

2. Exponential- Tribal Fusion
Tribal fusion accepts sites only after a thorough Review and you may take Upto 14 days before an Approval. Its Average CPM rates are above 2.00 and sometimes shoot to over 4.00. It provides more than 7 different ad formats.
For approval, you need:
A TLD (Top Level Domain)
At least 500000 monthly pageviews traffic or alexa rank of top 100000.
No adult/crime content.
A good website design.

3. Google Adsense.Adsense CPM rates are Good especially for Good keywords. A keyword like “ad network” has an Average CPM rate of 4.50.
For you to get Adsense Approval, you must meet The following conditions:
At least 10000 minimum monthly pageviews traffic. This is not so much.
A TLD (Top Level Domain)
A google page rank of 2 and above.
A web age of at least 6 months.
A constantly updated site.
No copied/stolen content or media, and no adult/crime content.

This is The hardest Network to get Approval from. They only deal with Top 70000 alexa websites and require your site to be at least a year old. A Top Level Domain, a pagerank of 3 and above, no adult/crime content and a good web design are basic requirements.

5.Casale Media
With a Minimum traffic requirements of just 50000 Pageviews per month and an Average CPM rate of over 2.00, Casale Media is one of The best Adsense alternatives especially for middle to large traffic. They only allow sites with Top Level Domains and no adult or crime content. A traffic of just 1600 views daily will get you approved.


If your site gets at least 300000 page views monthly, your site has no illegal content, and you have a Top Level Domain, you can be approved by this network. They manually Review your website after you have contacted them and They have gotten back to you. Not only are its Ads of high Quality but also its CPM rates are very high, averaging over 2.00.

7. Ad4game
Did you know that game Ads are more than 3 times likely to be clicked than normal Ads? Ad4game does Not provide only game Ads but most of their footer and site skin Ads are game oriented. So if you have a traffic of over 300000 pageviews per month and your site has a TLD, you can get Approval from This Network. Its Payment are on net 30 basis on reaching 100USD threshold.

8. Adblade
Adblade is not so much popular but its CPM rates of over 2.00 on Average and a high traffic requirement of 500000 monthly Pageviews qualifies It to be one of the best CPM ad networks for large traffic. It approves sites within 48 hours and only allows sites with TLD and with no adult content. Their payment is on net 30 basis on reaching 50 USD

9. Pulsepoint
It would not have made it to this list 2 years ago. But the growth in this ad network has led to it being one of the best CPM ad networks for large Publishers. After you set your Minimum ad bid price, ads will start showing on your site. They manually Review your site and if you get 50000 monthly Pageviews and have a Good site structure, it’s very likely you will get approved.

10. Cpxinterative
A relatively easy Approval ad network which requires you to have an alexa rank of below 100000. Its CPM rates are around 1.00 and are very consistent. Display, text and video ads are served. Their video ads are said to attract CPM rates of over 3.00. It makes payment on net 45 basis on reaching 100USD

Juicy ads ad network review

Juicy ads ad network review

Juicy Ads ( has been one of the best adult ad networks for quite a long time. If have an adult site or blog, juicy ads can be a good ad Network to help you monetize your site or blog, given that most (about 90%) of ad networks DONT accept adult content

Commission types include:

Juicy Ads provides the publishers with ads in the following 4 basic types:
Pop-under ads
Mobile Redirecting Ads
Floating Ads
300×250, 720×90, 160×600 Banner Ads

Juicy ads has no Minimum traffic requirements and easily approves sites , so you can apply your blogspot website to get adult ads and start earning

The Average Commission rates are around 0.05 CPC. This is very Good given The high CTRs of adult ads

Their Average Fill rates are around 100%

Referral Commissions are 10% on lifetime earnings of The publisher you referred.

Payment Options:
There are four payment options in Juicy Ads:
Cheque Payment- Minimum $100 payment, Net 15

Paypal Payment- Minimum $50 payment, Net 7

Paxum Payment- Minimum $50 payment, Net 7

Wire Payment- Minimum $1000 payment, Net 30