top 10 cpm ad networks for large traffic

top 10 cpm ad networks for large traffic : Most large traffic sites have a just a small proportion of their visitors coming from search engines. Their readers are always the same same ones.

These readers are unlikely to click on the Ads that they see everyday hence CPM comes in handy on monetization since its basis is more on the Number of impressions than AD clicks.

You will find out that these top 10 CPM networks have CPM rates of upto 8.00USD. So if you meet their minimum requirement, you can earn a lot of $$$

The list below shows top 10 CPM ad networks for large traffic

1. BuySellAds
This is an ad auction Site where you set the price for direct advertising on your site. It provides banner ads and most sites that are in Alexa top 100000 are using it. A site like Phonearena charges Upto 8.00CPM!
The requirements to join BuySellAds are:
Good pagerank (PR 2 and above)
A Minimum traffic of 1000000 (1 million) monthly pageviews.
A Top Level Domain (.com, .net, .info, .in etc)
A good web design and good keyword targetting. etc

2. Exponential- Tribal Fusion
Tribal fusion accepts sites only after a thorough Review and you may take Upto 14 days before an Approval. Its Average CPM rates are above 2.00 and sometimes shoot to over 4.00. It provides more than 7 different ad formats.
For approval, you need:
A TLD (Top Level Domain)
At least 500000 monthly pageviews traffic or alexa rank of top 100000.
No adult/crime content.
A good website design.

3. Google Adsense.Adsense CPM rates are Good especially for Good keywords. A keyword like “ad network” has an Average CPM rate of 4.50.
For you to get Adsense Approval, you must meet The following conditions:
At least 10000 minimum monthly pageviews traffic. This is not so much.
A TLD (Top Level Domain)
A google page rank of 2 and above.
A web age of at least 6 months.
A constantly updated site.
No copied/stolen content or media, and no adult/crime content.

This is The hardest Network to get Approval from. They only deal with Top 70000 alexa websites and require your site to be at least a year old. A Top Level Domain, a pagerank of 3 and above, no adult/crime content and a good web design are basic requirements.

5.Casale Media
With a Minimum traffic requirements of just 50000 Pageviews per month and an Average CPM rate of over 2.00, Casale Media is one of The best Adsense alternatives especially for middle to large traffic. They only allow sites with Top Level Domains and no adult or crime content. A traffic of just 1600 views daily will get you approved.


If your site gets at least 300000 page views monthly, your site has no illegal content, and you have a Top Level Domain, you can be approved by this network. They manually Review your website after you have contacted them and They have gotten back to you. Not only are its Ads of high Quality but also its CPM rates are very high, averaging over 2.00.

7. Ad4game
Did you know that game Ads are more than 3 times likely to be clicked than normal Ads? Ad4game does Not provide only game Ads but most of their footer and site skin Ads are game oriented. So if you have a traffic of over 300000 pageviews per month and your site has a TLD, you can get Approval from This Network. Its Payment are on net 30 basis on reaching 100USD threshold.

8. Adblade
Adblade is not so much popular but its CPM rates of over 2.00 on Average and a high traffic requirement of 500000 monthly Pageviews qualifies It to be one of the best CPM ad networks for large traffic. It approves sites within 48 hours and only allows sites with TLD and with no adult content. Their payment is on net 30 basis on reaching 50 USD

9. Pulsepoint
It would not have made it to this list 2 years ago. But the growth in this ad network has led to it being one of the best CPM ad networks for large Publishers. After you set your Minimum ad bid price, ads will start showing on your site. They manually Review your site and if you get 50000 monthly Pageviews and have a Good site structure, it’s very likely you will get approved.

10. Cpxinterative
A relatively easy Approval ad network which requires you to have an alexa rank of below 100000. Its CPM rates are around 1.00 and are very consistent. Display, text and video ads are served. Their video ads are said to attract CPM rates of over 3.00. It makes payment on net 45 basis on reaching 100USD